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4th AIPACODD Meeting About

About 4th AIPACODD Meeting

The Meeting of the AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drugs (AIPACODD) aims to search for cooperation amongst AIPA Member Parliament to combat the drugs menace. The AIPACODD meeting serves as a platform to exchange and share information and to monitor actions undertaken by AIPA Member Parliament on the implementation of laws, policies and programs on drugs eradication.

With the transformation from AIFOCOM to AIPACODD during the 38th AIPA General Assembly in Philippines, AIPACODD will also taking concrete action by providing consultation and recommendation for executive and legislative bodies to have better coordination in combating drug menace

The AIPACODD shall meet at least once a year before the General Assembly in the country where the General Assembly is to be held that year.

Functions : 

  • To facilitate the exchange of information related to the fight against dangerous drugs among AIPA member parliaments
  • To compile, disseminate and evaluate pertinent legislation of AIPA member parliaments related to the fight against the drug menace to achieve a drug–free ASEAN community
  • To make accessible to member parliaments all ASEAN laws, policies and programs on drugs towards remedial legislation in the areas of enforcement, prosecution, penal reform and rehabilitation of drug users
  • To monitor actions taken by AIPA member parliaments on the implementation of laws, policies and programs on drug eradication
  • To consult with and/or request the assistance of international and/or national organizations, scientific institutions and experts in the performance of its functions
  • To establish, coordinate and maintain a working relationship with ASEAN–led mechanisms in charge of the issue of combating illicit drug trafficking, in the view to consolidate and streamline any effort taken to fulfill the AIPACODD mandate; the private sector, governmental and non–governmental organizations, and local communities in fighting dangerous drugs
  • To advocate the fight against the drug menace in ASEAN communities through increased awareness of the ill effects of dangerous drugs and, in doing so, to build community opposition against the drug menace