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About General assembly

About General assembly

The General Assembly shall be the policy-making body AIPA and shall meet at least once a year unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee.

The General Assembly may adopt policy initiatives and provide inputs to policy formulation and propose legislative initiatives on issues of common concern for recommendation to the respective Governments of ASEAN Member States for their consideration.

Discussions in the General Assembly may be held on subjects placed on the agenda by the Executive Committee. Other motions and proposals may be discussed if the General Assembly unanimously decides to take them into consideration.

Decisions by the General Assembly on any subjects shall be made by consensus. Matters on which consensus cannot be attained shall be dropped.

The venue of the General Assembly shall be rotated among the Member Parliaments in alphabetical order unless otherwise decided by the General Assembly. In the event that a member parliament is unable to host the General Assembly, the Executive Committee shall decide on the venue.