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24.03.24 ‘Imperative’ to review MoE’s ICT curriculum

​Legislative Council (LegCo) member Yang Berhormat Chong Chin Yee in her adjourned speech on the final day of the 20th session of the LegCo meeting yesterday stressed on the importance of inter-ministerial collaboration.

She highlighted, “Such synergy is essential to prevent counterproductive policies that could impede collective government initiatives. I am eager to witness a more cohesive alignment among all ministries, reinforcing our foundation and propelling us towards our shared objectives with greater efficiency and productivity.”

On other important aspects, she noted, “As we aspire to transition into a smart nation, it is imperative that we consider a fundamental review of the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) information and communication technology (ICT) curriculum from the primary school level.

This initiative is crucial to equip future generations with necessary skills and knowledge to navigate and contribute to an increasingly digital world.”

Yang Berhormat Chong shared her concern on the effective use of social media by government agencies. Given the increasing reliance on social media by government agencies for public announcements and engagement, coupled with the significance of surveys in comprehending public opinion for policy-making, she said, “There’s a notable concern regarding the effectiveness and professional management of these platforms. Despite their best intentions, it appears that the current social media methods may not adequately capture or engage the desired demographics,”

While some departments have made commendable efforts, ineffective social media communication, she iterated “may lead to public misperception of stagnation or lack of progress, thereby undermining the diligent efforts of our officers. “Therefore, it is recommended that government agencies outline measures to enhance the ability of officials in all ministries to manage social media and conduct surveys more effectively”. 

(News & pic source: Borneo Bulletin)

24.03.24  ‘Imperative’ to review MoE’s ICT curriculum